Good craic at Giant’s Causeway

The locals here tell us that if we’re responsible for this rare stretch of clear, warm weather, “please stay!” Today, the skies continued to promise sun – just perfect for our planned trip to Giant’s Causeway. On the tip of Northern Ireland, the Causeway is a stretch of dramatic, craggy shoreline juxtaposing peaceful cow pastures. Its plunging cliffs and unique rock formations have categorized it a UNESCO world heritage site.

The rock formations

The rock formations

Joining the international students was Micky Quagg, probably your stereotypical image of an Irishman. Micky is the VP of Academic Affairs at Ulster and he is, as the saying here goes, “full of beans.” If you’re familiar with Lord of the Rings, you’d find him very much like Pippin. Pale as milk and red-headed, Micky’s accent is as thick as they come. He told us that even his Irish friends have to ask him to slow down his speech (glad it wasn’t just me!) He was lots of fun, bantering with us and pretending to push me off the cliff…all in good craic, of course.

Our group

Our group

Part of the Causeway

Part of the Causeway

The bus ride up to the site was a great time to get to know the other students. I was so happy to meet one of the new girls in the group, Kristen, a Canadian masters student who is also living off campus. We clicked immediately. She’s 24 and staying the whole year as well. It looks like we’ll definitely be travel buddies. She wants to hit Croatia, Belgium and Scandanavia and anywhere else she can. She’s just the type to motivate and encourage me to get out there and have adventures!

The cliff we mastered.

The cliff we mastered.

At Giant’s Causeway, we traveled down steep paths along the shoreline, gazing in wonder at the breathtaking sites before us. We actually got to walk on the rock formations and climb the cliffs. I tried not to look down…but what a rewarding feeling to have mastered the steep, gravelly crag and see for miles around! On the way down, the path was much easier, as we were aided by the plushy Irish grass. You really feel as though you’re walking on pillows.

At the peak!

At the peak!

After the Causeway, we went to the Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge. The bridge was short, but being so high up over the cliffs and water below was somewhat frightening. Plus, there was wind. But, again, we did it and we we enjoyed it!

The rope bridge...

The rope bridge…

…and the water below!

If you make it up to Northern Ireland, definitely visit the Causeway. Admission is free! Summer will ensure better weather, but the ocean gets fierce and stormy in winter (worth seeing as well.)

Well, I probably walked 10 miles today, so I’m pretty tired. The bus’ hours are shorter on the weekends, so I walked to and from school plus the walking at the causeway…so I’m going to sign out. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post! Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Good craic at Giant’s Causeway

  1. Dear Sarah,

    How wonderful to hear from you! I am glad you visited the Giant’s Causeway and dared to walk across the Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge. Yikes! You are so brave!

    Also, I am glad you got to meet Kristen from Canada. I can see that you’re in for some more adventures for which all this was a warm-up act.

    Sunday will be a tough day for you… as well as for your mother. Last Sunday you were here at MBC, and now you are in Northern Ireland, but God is just as much with you there just as He was here.

    Saturday I attended another 8 hours of domestic violence training, so I only have 4 more hours remaining before I receive my certificate. The training has been intense to say the least! It was sponsored by Fairfax County.

    May God’s grace and peace be yours on the Lord’s Day in Derry.

    Richard Hebrews 13:5b Sent from my iPhone


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