“Wellie” blessed

Today, the Lord touched me with a gift – small by the world’s standards, but a big blessing to me.

Before heading over here, I knew that I would need a good pair of boots for the weather. People told me that rain boots (wellies) aren’t generally worn here and that leather ones suffice. Well, I love leather riding boots, but they’re pricey. If I’m going to spend the $100-$200 it takes to purchase a pair, I want to be sure I have the right ones. I want them to be two-tone, with good quality saddle brown and black leather, so they match with anything. Yes, I know…I’m picky. Plus, I really detest shoe shopping. Browsing through endless boots, flats and heels in cavernous DSWs makes my stomach churn.

To make a long story short, I came to Ireland with no boots.

Well, today, several of the girls and I went into town to look around. On our walk, we discussed many topics, including footwear. On previous city jaunts, I had seen a number of second-hand charity shops scattered around, and I suggested that we take a wee pop into one of them. The moment after we entered, my eyes landed directly on a pair of  boots that looked my size. After trying them on, I found my eyes had not deceived me. They are perfect for the rain, they’ll match with most everything and they’re comfy! Plus, the shaft is made of a quilted material, so they’re foldable (important for packing.) Basically, outside of my first preference for leather boots, they are just what I need. And they were a bargain to boot – £5.99! Thank you, Lord – I know there are so many huge needs in the world, but it gives me the most delightful loved feeling to know You care about the physical (soles) and the spiritual (souls)!


2 thoughts on ““Wellie” blessed

  1. Dear Sarah,


    So you made a “wee pop” into one of the second/hand charity shops! And for about $12-18 dollars you landed some footwear that will last you for your entire year in Ireland… and longer.

    I, too, always love to find a good bargain… like my 85-cent leather belt a couple of weeks ago at a second-hand charity thrift shop!

    I am praying for as you select classes.

    I hope you’re getting acclimated to your new surroundings. Your host and hostess, I am sure, have gone above and beyond to help you

    Warmly in Christ,

    Richard Parke Sent from my iPhone


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