Cornerstone City Church

This morning, I was intent on making it to church. I woke up groggy and the weather was foggy, but I got myself out the door by 8:45 and began my trek. Although the >5 mile walk was not ideal, I couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful morning. Everything was still and quiet. I passed dewy spiderwebs scintillating in the sun, an evil-eyed grey cat perched on a post and many cows…I couldn’t resist putting together the pic below:

Udderly regal, this dear mammal was not cowed by my photography. She must live by the mantra "keep calm and mooove on."

Udderly regal, this dear mammal was not cowed by my photography. She must live by the mantra “keep calm and moo on.”

I took a path new to me, but I hope to travel it again. It wound uphill and by the time I reached the top, I could “see” that the city below, blanketed by a fleecy white cloud of fog. It was lovely to be up in the clear, bright air above it all. I’ll spare you the less pleasant details about the rest of my journey…wrong turns, poor directions, lack of facilities…alas. When I finally saw the church in the distance, I was, as the saying goes, a happy camper.

Cornerstone proved to be very welcoming, vibrant and above all, filled with sincere believers. After the service, I grabbed some of the coffee and biscuits, I stood awkwardly until a lady kindly introduced herself. Dorie is a sweet woman in her early thirties – a German native transplanted to Derry by marriage. Taking me in tow, my new friend introduced me to many others including Claire, a doctor, Anna, an American intern, Andy and Victoria, the leaders of the life group I’ll attend, and Noleen, an older woman separated from her children.

It was a great day to be there, as ten church members were going to be baptized! After listening to ten different testimonies, we all packed into cars and headed to Fahan beach (in the Republic of Ireland) for the actual baptisms! The weather was again BEAUTIFUL, the water was warm, the people were happy and the Lord was present.

Baptism @ Fahan View from Fahan

Another small world moment…I met a lady named Noelle, an American missionary living in Derry with her family. Turns out she is the cousin of a lady on my street whose children I used to babysit. Crazy, huh?

At the end of the baptisms, Dorie drove me home. Turns out, she lives right past my house and will be able to take me to church on Sundays. She’ll also pick me up on Wednesday for a prayer meeting. What a blessing!

Cornerstone is a fabulous influence in Derry. The Lord has huge plans for the church and is working miraculously. For example, they’ve wanted to purchase a building rather than meeting in the Millenium Forum theatre, and they were recently able to acquire one in a perfect location at an enormous discount (it went from £2 million to £350,000!) Now the prayer is that they can acquire the car park (parking lot :)) next door at a reasonable price.

I finally feel as though I’ve truly connected here!

5 thoughts on “Cornerstone City Church

  1. Dear Shamrock, er… Sarah!

    This is the best news today, and I have heard other good news, too!

    What an answer to prayer for you and your prayer warriors!

    Some great walking exercise, scenic views, new serious-minded Christian friends, tasty food, great worship and fellowship and teaching/preaching AND… free door-to-door transportation! I am just thrilled for you. 😃

    What a story about Dorie and then another about Noelle!

    God has been so good to you, Sarah, and has honored your faith and obedience.

    The Derry Queen photo is very creative.

    I need your prayers!

    Personal prayer request #1:

    My father (97, almost 98) faces pacemaker surgery at 8:00am Monday morning (tomorrow) at a Massachusetts hospital. Assuming a 5-6 hour time difference, his surgery will take place about 1pm or 2pm Irish time. Please pray for John Parke, my stepmother Andy, my younger brother David, and the medical team.

    Today I arrived a bit late to the 3 West meeting room for the 3rd week of the month prayer meeting. I think your parents were out of town. I saw Mark and his wife Laura, the woman two weeks ago today who asked you (or your mother) if I was your grandfather. You may not remember that comment and question, but I do!!! I’ll take it as a compliment. 😄

    The prayer room today was packed, and everywhere there are signs that God is moving in our midst.

    Personal prayer request #2:

    October 13, Columbus Day, there will be a gigantic prayer gathering on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Please pray for that event on that day at 1pm EDST, which is 6-7pm Irish time.

    Personal prayer request! #3:

    I shall start my first XEE men’s small group on Saturday, October 4. I am out of my comfort zone. A good place to be, so that I have no choice but to lean upon Jesus! 😳

    I hope your classes will get off to a great start! 😄

    Richard Sent from my iPhone


  2. Wow, I feel so blessed to be able to glorify in the LORD with you! Sounds like an absolutely delightful day! It is always so neat to see God at work. I pray that He continues to reveal Himself to you. ❤


  3. Sarah,
    Your stories are wonderful and I really enjoy reading them and seeing the photos. This is such an awesome opportunity for you. It seems as though God has been by your side and guiding your path. Cornerstone church sounds great and will provide much spiritual growth. We will keep you in our prayers, and write more.
    Uncle Don


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