Verbiage will Vary between DC and Derry

Northern Ireland is not hugely unlike Northern Virginia, but there are definite differences. I find the discrepancies in verbiage to the most amusing of these.

See if you can figure out what these words mean! Answers are below.

You’d never catch anyone putting syrup on their (1) flapjacks, gravy on their (2) biscuits or salsa on their (3) chips. (4) Digestives are actually quite tasty. (5) Sultanas are commonly used in cooking. If you saw a runaway (6) trolley in the supermarket aisle, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. I try to avoid shopping at (7) dear stores. I can actually participate in a discount card (8) scheme through my supermarket. While shopping, I’ve yet to see anyone in (9) pants, and I’ve not seen a dog off his (10) lead.

  1. granola bars
  2. cookies
  3. thick fries
  4. tea cookies
  5. raisins
  6. shopping cart
  7. expensive
  8. program
  9. underwear
  10. leash

How’d you do? 😉

4 thoughts on “Verbiage will Vary between DC and Derry

  1. Oh how we laughed while reading this! Such a clever title and story line. We hope you get some surprised responses. We especially like the groceries discount card scheme. You may want to put sentence 8 and 9 back in order. Otherwise it can be confusing. Love dad and Momma

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  2. We miss you! Cara and I are reading about your interesting week. Love the haircut! God Bless !


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