So many lovely people

I hope you all have had a nice week – mine was quite busy. In fact, I generally struggle with finding proper balance, and its been difficult to know how much time to devote to all the aspects of life here. However, I suppose that is just part of becoming an adult!

Sunday was a lovely day at church. I went early with Dori to help set up. Later, all the volunteers prayed together and enjoyed breakfast together. It was “Pledge Sunday” and after a great sermon about financial giving by a South African pastor, Donovan Coetzee, we raised £115,000 for construction on the new building! After church, Dori, her friend Wendy and I all went out for coffee. I enjoyed a pumpkin spice latte – cheers to the flavors of fall!

Me & Coffee Me, Dori & Wendy

On Tuesday evening, three of my international friends joined me for an event put on by Cornerstone at the cozy Warehouse Cafe. It was the kickoff party for a series called Alpha, which introduces people to Christianity. I was so glad to be able to introduce them to some of my Cornerstone friends, while sipping coffee, and enjoying desserts and music. Hopefully, they’ll come again next week!

On Wednesday, I had my first class of “Introduction to Design,” with my German friends Rebecca and Katherina, and my American friend Alyssa. Dr. Quigley seems very capable, and the subject material is interesting thus far. We’ve been tasked with a project which involves interviewing two other students and creating an infographic of their (and my) lives and how they connect. I enjoyed talking with Cathoair and Rhodri (though I still have trouble with their names!) I felt honored to be the first American Rhodri had ever engaged in conversation.

Later that day, I led the first meeting of the International Society. Kate, our treasurer, successfully collected dues, we settled on a new name (Globetrotters’ Alliance) and we planned our first event – a city scavenger hunt. Krystyn, our secretary, and I asked the group to come up with places/sights to be included on the hunt list, and then we added things which must be done at each sight. For example, each group must take a photo with a certain statue, while posing like the statue. Bonus points to those groups who encourage locals to take the picture with them! We’re excited.

On Thursday, I enjoyed developmental psychology and met with my new group for our presentation on adult attachment at the of the semester. In the evening, after my online class on data analysis, I went to a dinner party. American Missionaries Noelle & Troy Rhodes (and their sweet children Silas and Olive) are the family I mentioned whose relatives live on my street in Virginia! Olive was one when they moved to NI four years ago, and she thinks she’s Irish. Noelle told me that Ollie cried when she learned she’s American and has no Queen!

As it was quite a blustery autumn evening, it was delightful to sit in front of their crackling fireplace, enjoying good food and fellowship. We were also joined by Claire and Adam Mongomery from church. Claire is a pediatrician and Adam leads worship at Cornerstone. We laughed long and hard into the night (10:15!)  They are very hospitable and hope to have me again. In fact, Noelle’s invited me and Krystyn over for Thanksgiving dinner!

Now, here comes the big travel news…3 trips are on the horizon, with more yet to be planned!

  • Oct. 10 – 12: I head to Belfast again, where I’ll meet up with my Grove City friends for a day trip to Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Oct. 17 – 20: Krystyn and I are going to Belgium!
  • Dec. 22 – Jan. 2: Christmas in London! I’ll be staying with four different families and I’m thrilled.

Are you overwhelmed? So am I 🙂 Cheers!

2 thoughts on “So many lovely people

  1. Oh Sarah …my heart is so thrilled and delighted! So many people and opportunities are before you! So excited about all your plans. I love you and miss you!


  2. Oh, my… goodness, Sarah!

    I am thrilled that you are anchored there at Cornerstone!

    Wow! Three days in Belgium… and Christmas in London!

    You are definitely on the move! I am thrilled for you and about all you are learning and the people whose lives you are interfacing with.

    Life will be much too “tame” for you when you return to America… assuming you return. 😉

    I hope Alyssa has plans for Thanksgiving. It can be so lonely for Americans when they are away from home on traditional American holidays.

    Thank you for reflecting Jesus’ light wherever you go, Sarah. God is giving you many opportunities that will bear fruit as you seek His face.

    Everything you are experiencing now is making an indelible impact upon you and your future. Enjoy it. Savor it! Life passes so very quickly.

    I am proud of you and am praying for the salvation of your friends.

    Richard Sent from my iPhone


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