My first Derry “Parkrun”!

Today was the 10th birthday of the “Parkrun” – a free weekly 5K run, staffed by volunteers, to celebrate a love of running! It happens all over the UK, and I am blessed enough to have one in Derry! Its so wonderful to see people of all ages and fitness levels come together in community – not to race against each other, just against themselves. Why don’t we have this in the States?

Anyway, I knew Krystyn likes to run as well, so I invited her to join me this morning at 9:30 on the city side by the Foyle Marina. I got there before her and began to chat with the little daughter of the Derry Parkrun organizer. What a sweetie! She absolutely loves America and wants to attend college here on a scholarship – preferably in New York. Why New York? The Apple store and hot dogs. I gently hinted that these fabulous staples of our society could be found all over.

Furthermore, I was tickled to find that she loves our accents. She also asked me if I’d ever tried a corndog. Its simply fascinating to hear all the stereotypes about our country. I warned her that Krystyn was Canadian and that even though she sounded American, she wasn’t. The poor girl forgot and asked Krystyn about America, but Krystyn was quite obliging. She has to be!

Krystyn, Kris & Sarah

Anyway, the weather was crisp and beautiful, though I was supremely confused when I felt drops of rain falling on me. I looked up and the sky was clear and sunny. This must be the strange weather people have referred to.

The run was fabulous. The course wound from the city side waterfront to the Peace Bridge and across that to St. Columb’s Park. Then we turned around and retraced our steps back to the starting line. It felt so amazing to be “racing” again. My body is still not fully recovered from my past injuries, but I hope to get in tip-top shape soon. Each week, they’ll scan my individual bar code and I’ll be able to track my progression! I’m excited 🙂

The finish!

The finish!

2 thoughts on “My first Derry “Parkrun”!

  1. Sarah, was that photo of YOU at the finish coming over the bridge? I saw no other runners on the course! Did you outrun them all? 😳

    I am amazed at all the wonderful experiences you are having!

    Likely I will see your parents tomorrow morning at MBC Tysons.

    Richard Sent from my iPhone


  2. Good morning! That is me, yes 🙂 I was fourth, but I guess the guy in fifth place wasn’t visible yet. God has been very good. There are so many things going on and so many wonderful people. Enjoy church today! I am going to a birthday tea with a dear friend after the service.


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