Demolition & Diwali

Since I got back from Belgium, things haven’t slowed, but I’m really loving the activity and excitement. On Thursday, I went to the Magee Christian Union meeting for the first time, and I met several very nice girls. We talked about encouragement and had uplifting conversation. I think I’ll be going every week from now on! One of the girls, a lovely gal named Chloe, also goes to Cornerstone. She enjoys wearing vintage apparel and was scouted a couple weeks back to be a model for Derry’s fashion week in November! I chatted with her in church this morning about possibly doing her hair for the show…fingers crossed! There is professional photo of Chloe below:


On Friday and Saturday, Cornerstone had a “working weekend.” Do you remember how I mentioned previously that the church recently bought a big old building in which to meet? Well, this weekend, we all cleaned, razed, sifted, hammered, mopped, painted and swept to get the building prepared for the construction workers. It was great fun and we got so much done! It was amazing to work alongside other church members and get to know them as we tackled projects together. (Plus I learned some new handyman skills ;))

This morning, as Dori was in Germany, a new friend named Claire picked me up for church. Claire is a nurse who is engaged to one of the young men at Cornerstone, but she’s also a runner (she’s actually running a marathon tomorrow in Dublin!) It was great to be able to chat with her about injuries, training, foam rolling and all the other little things runners discuss when they get together.

This afternoon, Krystyn and I met for coffee and a chat and then headed to the Diwali festival of light – an annual Indian celebration, which little Derry commemorates with color and vibrancy! For £1 each, we got some very tasty Indian food, henna tattoos and a ticket to a dancing show. We had a lovely time. (The middle picture below is actually constructed from flower petals!)

photo 3 photo 2 photo 4

I heard that you all in NoVa had unseasonably delightful weather this weekend. Humph. Alas, gone are our days of sun and cloud-free skies…we had our fun and now the real Derry weather is here. Gray and rainy. Windy and chilly. Bleak and blustery. BUT…all the better to make us appreciate the blessings of heat and roofs to shelter us.

2 thoughts on “Demolition & Diwali

  1. Dear Sarah,

    Nice blog report!

    You have traveled and shopped and done many things with Kristyn. She is the young woman from Canada, I think? Is she a Christian? I am just wondering.

    God surely has gifted you in connection with others. My prayer is that, in all your many contacts and friendships as you are building relationships, that God will give you boldness and courage and discernment as to conversational openings for the gospel as they arise.

    How are your studies going? I know you have a heavy load.

    And how are things going with your host family in whose home you are living? Do you eat with them and have time to get to know them?

    My hand is healing and I am back at work, so thank you for any prayers you have prayed for me.

    Richard Parke Sent from my iPhone


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