Back to Uni

I like to think that if you are properly studying abroad, school should, well, kind of get in the way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an academic fanatic at home, but here (although I still study more than the average student), I find that schoolwork is not first and foremost on my mind. A common snippet of conversation between me and Krys:  “Oh, we could go to Barcelona…and maybe Salzburg…what about Copenhagen??” We bounce travel ideas off of each other. Then, inevitably, from one of us: “what about classes?” Right. Study abroadI guess I like to put the emphasis on the “abroad” instead.

So, what occupies my time, you ask? Here is a break-down of my life of late:

1. Classes. School started up again this past week. On Tuesday, I have Jurisprudence in the morning, then an afternoon break, and Managerial Finance in the evening. Tuesdays will definitely be long, but I’m thrilled to have 2/3 of classes finished in one day. I was quite saddened that the Foreign Policy class I was so excited about is not offered at my campus. So, I’ll be taking Personality Psychology on Thursday mornings instead. Alas. I’m down, but not defeated! In terms of coursework, I’ll have regular readings, two essays to write, one class test and a final exam in each class.

2. Research Rockstar. My virtual internship takes about 5 to 7 hours per week. I update our company social media pages and write articles, some of which involve hefty reading and research. However, it is simply wonderful to have a job, so I’m not complaining!

3. Job Applications & Scholarships. This past week, I did a lot of thinking about my summer. As much as I wanted to stay in Europe, I don’t know if that is feasible. So, I investigated a number of internship opportunities in the States and delved into the application process. Then, of course, there are always scholarships to investigate…

4. Traveling & Travel Planning. Last week, I received an unexpected surprise message. My German friend Dori, from Cornerstone, invited me to accompany her to Cologne for her Mother’s birthday weekend! She told me I could invite a friend too. So, I got Krystyn on board. As Dori was only planning to be there Sunday and Monday, I thought Krystyn and I might go a bit earlier and visit some other places too. So, we leave for Brussels at 6:30 am Friday. Once in Belgium, we’ll catch a bus to Luxembourg and spend Friday night there. Saturday, we’ll take the train up North through Germany and meet Dori in Cologne. We can’t wait. And of course, we’re already planning our next trip…

5. House Hunting. I’ve been thinking recently about moving to a new room, flat, or house. My options have not been grand, but I’m still searching. Ideally, I’d want a studio flat close to the city centre. However, I’d also love to share a 2-bedroom flat with Krystyn. Problem is, she’s stuck in a lease for a room in a very dirty and horrible house. She’s pretty miserable and I just wish so much we could rent together! If you think about it, please pray that she’d be able to sub-let her room, so we can do just that.

6. Fun with Friends. As much as possible, I like to fit in an outing 4-5 times a week. Whether it be tea with Krystyn, lunch with Diana or walking the dog with Rachel, it makes my day so much brighter to meet with friends!

The weather has been interesting lately. Lauren came at a sweet spot between the snow storms. We’ve had hail and snow quite frequently, but hey, it’s better than constant RAIN!

Cheers to you all.


One thought on “Back to Uni

  1. Sarah, you have the life I always wanted (okay, I’d pass on the classes and just go straight to the traveling)! Heavens, what a grand time you are squeezing out of every week. You will truly be able to say you didn’t waste a moment by the time you come back state-side. I was marveling with someone recently about your adventures. I LOVE it! When you get back, I’ll want your top 10 list!

    Love, Mrs. Rieman


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