3 months left

Can you believe it? Only 3 months until I return to the States. I never thought I’d say it, but…I don’t want to leave. Of course I want to reunite with friends and family, but I’ve loved it here in Derry so much more than I ever expected to. Alas. Right now, I’m just trying to make the most of my time here. There is isn’t much to report, but do know that I’m continuing to take advantage of many opportunities to have fun with friends, learn about the world and experience new things.

I’ve continued to enjoy being on Street Pastors on occasional Friday nights, and life groups have started up again. I’ve joined a new group that will be going through the book “You’ll Get Through This” by Max Lucado. I love the ladies in my group, Dori and Diana included. We meet every Wednesday evening and share laughs, love, prayers and snacks. It’s a highlight of my week.

This past weekend, I had four straight days of social events. On Friday, I had a dinner party with Dori and Krystyn. Then on Saturday, Krystyn, Dori, Beverley, Paige and I went up to the car boot sale in Coleraine and got some bargains. We then went for a nice lunch at the Ramore Wine Bar in the coastal holiday town of Portrush.

Sunday, I enjoyed catching up with church friends and then met up with my dear friend Fiona from Magee. She lives in Belfast and is doing her nursing placement there. So, she’s not in Derry very often. Her mother was invited to speak at a church here, so the church put on a nice lunch for her and her family and included me! It was lovely. I then spent the whole afternoon with Fiona, and we ended the day going to another church. It is called Foyle Vineyard Church, and a number of old Cornerstone folks were there. It is so amazing to see how new churches are being planted and are beginning to grow. At Vineyard, I met a new international student from America. Her name is Elizabeth and I think we’ll get on well.

This afternoon, I and my friend Barbara-Rose (I know her from both Magee and Cornerstone) had lunch at her flat. We discovered we have exactly the same tastes in eating…in other words, she thinks that putting peanut butter on sweet potatoes sounds divine (which it is!! I’m not the only weird one out there 😉 We’re going to get together again next week and make some yummy concoctions together.

Classes continue to go on… in fact, I have several essays to work on, so I better return to them. And, yes, I may have some trip plans up my sleeve…


2 thoughts on “3 months left

  1. Another fun blog to read! You always make my day when I get another e mail telling me a new blog is waiting! I love reading about your fun social life. Wow! only 3 months…. I am sure you will squeeze as much as you can in that time… I still would love to skype with you sometime! I love you lots sweetie! Love, Aunt Deb


  2. Sarah, I am happy that you are getting such a blessing from this time in Ireland.

    My own first experience in and exposure to Ireland was when I lived and attended school in Dublin for one year. That time indelibly affected and impacted my own life. I was ten years old.

    This morning I was present at your mother’s prayer group as we prayed for India.

    Richard Sent from my iPhone


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