A Crash Course in Surrender

Today, I had my first-ever car accident.

And it was 100 percent my fault. It’s kind of nice when something’s 100 percent your fault – there’s no confusion. No ambiguity. No one else to blame. Nowhere to look but within.

You see, God knew I needed a wakeup call. To be honest, I was coasting. I had been feeling proud. And independent. And good. And in control.

There’s danger in self-sufficiency; prodigal sons often have an easier road to the Father than older brothers do.

God had put stop signs in my life, and roadblocks and red lights. I said I’d slow down and listen and make time for Him soon enough.

I never did.

I knew I needed Him, but I didn’t need Him.

And today, in a rush, in traffic, I turned without a full view of the other lane and smash. There I was. Totally culpable. Totally awake. But most of all – totally loved.

In fact, I haven’t felt so loved in days.

I didn’t have so much as a scratch or a strain.

The young woman whose car I hit was understanding. So understanding in fact, that I could hardly believe it.

We talked about work and life while we waited for the policeman, who was perfectly kind and humorous.

The cars were damaged, but minimally so.

More than anything, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace.

Had this happened three years ago, I’d probably have cried.

But that peace that passes understanding? That’s what I had. And then and there, I knew exactly why the accident happened.

It’s time to slow down, He told me. Make time for me. Remember my providence and provision, my blessings and benediction. You’re not perfect – you’re not in control – and aren’t you glad you’re not?

Surrender and give the wheel to me. I’ve got the map, I know where we’re headed, and frankly, I’m the better driver.

P.S. I’d been nudging you, but you needed a little crash to make the lesson hit home.

When our frailty shows, his strength can shine. Don’t be ashamed of making mistakes. They draw us to Him.



One thought on “A Crash Course in Surrender

  1. Thank you, Sarah, for your thoughtful blog post.

    Before I even saw your email below, already (an hour ago) I was giving your name and your contact information to Kelly MacLean who just graduated from Oak Hill Academy and is about to depart for a summer mission trip to Bulgaria where she was born and placed into an orphanage from which her adoptive American parents brought her to America. She is an amazing and courageous young woman. (I officiated her adoptive mother’s funeral service several years ago. She had died of cancer).

    Anyway, Kelly wants to start a Bulgarian blog, so that she can inform her family and friends about her experiences this summer, and I took the liberty of giving Kelly your email address. Why? Because you are the Queen of Bloggers, and I was hoping that you might encourage and advise Kelly how to go about setting up a blog site.

    Kelly will start her four-year academic career in September at Concordia College on the shore of Lake Michigan, 50 miles north of Milwaukee.

    Now to your auto accident. God was very gentle and gracious. It could have been life-impacting in terms of physical injuries, but cars can be fixed and that is why insurance companies exist. 😊

    Much more important is what you have learned spiritually, And I was so touched by your transparency and your willingness to acknowledge responsibility.

    I am very proud of you, Sarah. May you sleep well tonight and be at peace. Your parents will be knowledgeable and supportive. You are very blessed.

    With prayers for you this evening.

    Richard Parke

    Sent from my iPhone


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