About Me

sarah at cape verde

Welcome to my blog! I’m a 23-year-old adventuress who loves living overseas (currently, in Armenia). For years ago, I was a homebody, but after earning a scholarship to live in Northern Ireland for a year, my mindset changed.

I grew in confidence. I finally understood the beauty of intercultural connection and trust. I learned to revel in risk. I basked in the inexplicable beauty of a stranger’s kindness. And I was so extraordinarily touched by the network of Christ-followers I encountered.

Now, having visited nearly 30 countries, I constantly battle the yearn to roam with the desire for roots. In the process, I have come to see that we travelers can (and are called to) be content in any situation – even when the next overseas journey is not yet on the horizon.

Adventure is always around the corner. Even amidst the routines of our daily grind, we simply have to open our eyes to find it. And in the interim between adventures, the stillness has much to teach us too.

If you can either live vicariously through my tales or be moved by my reflections,  I will be overjoyed. Happy reading, and thanks for stopping by.



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    • Sorry, Jo! I should have explained that. If you click the “+” sign at the bottom of the home page and then scroll down further, you’ll see “Follow blog via email.” Then if you click “Follow,” you can enter your email address and get updates when I post. Thanks for your interest! 🙂


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